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Akra 132/33/11 kV Substation

  • Transformer tests
  • 32/33/11 kV switchgear equipment tests
  • 132/33/11 kV relay tests, secondary tests and commissioning
  • Earthing impedance measurements

Afyon 380 kV Substation

  • 380 kV OHL relay tests and secondary tests

Andirin Hydroelectric P.Plant

  • 154 kV switchgear equipment tests
  • 13,8 kV switchgear equipment tests
  • Transformer protection relay tests
  • Generator protection relay tests
  • Feeder protection relay tests
  • Commissioning

Erzincan Copler Gold Project

  • Making of short circuit, load flow, voltage drop, motor starting calculations, relay coordinations of MV panels
  • Back-energizing project design and assembly
  • 6,6 kV switchgear equipment tests
  • Relay tests and commissioning
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