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  • Danışmanlık
      Design, consulting services
      Short Circuit Calculations
      Relay Coordination
      Load Flow Calculations
  • Test ve devreye alma
    Testing and commissioning
      Primary and secondary testing
      Grounding system tests
      Commissioning substation systems
      Commissioning power plants
  • Bakım
    General maintenance
      Compensation systems
      Automatic control and command systems
      Energy monitoring systems
      Generators and other rotating machines
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants
      Bursa Uluabat HPP
      Adana Feke HPP
      Tunceli Uzunçayır HPP
      Trabzon Akocak HPP
  • Industrial Plants
      Ford Otosan Golcuk Plant
      OLMUKSA Sabanci Packaging Plant
      Sanliurfa Limak Cement Plant
      Aksa Acrylic Chemical Plant
  • Service Industry
      Sabiha Gokcen Airport
      TCDD-Speed ​​Train Project
      Alstom Transport – Marmaray Project
      Erzurum, Samsun OPET Filling Stations
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  • ISO9001
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